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Venous Ulcers | Venous Ulcers Treatment | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Venous Ulcers

Venous Ulcers: These ulcers are formed in legs due to insufficient venous flow due to various causes like varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis, or vacuities affecting veins.

Normal veins contain valves, which prevent back flow of blood and pump blood towards heart, when veins become dilated, inflamed or blocked by clots; these valves are unable to function and blood pools in leg veins.

This pooling of blood results in edema or swelling of legs, blood products oozes out of the vessel, these include proteins, fibrinogen and inflammatory substances which cause inflammation and break down normal tissues resulting in their destruction, this also interrupts the  oxygen supply of tissues resulting in further damage and non healing of ulcers.

Risk factors for venous ulcers are obesity, prolonged recumbent position, smoking or alcohol use, pregnancy, old age and diabetes. These ulcers are painful, prone to infection and difficult to treat and often recur after treatment, patient has painful shallow ulcers, with surrounding skin edema and redness. Diagnosis of venous ulcers is usually on clinical grounds.

Doppler ultrasound usually detects the varicose eons and other venous abnormalities. treatment is mainly supportive with compression stockings, physiotherapy and leg massage to improve circulation, antiseptic dressings and wound debridement, pain killers, and antibiotics to prevent or treat infection are very effective treatment goals, some times skin grafting is done in which healthy skin  tissue is grafted on ulcer site to promote healing.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Venous Ulcers and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Venous Ulcers In Hindi
Tang kay ulcer Maghrib kay mumalik mein aam hain is ki bohot si qismain hain yeh mard-o-aurat sab ko hosaktay hain yeh baray dard karnay walay ulcers hain.

Is ki bohot sari wajuhat hain jin mein venous hypertention ragon ki bimari, ziabetes, korh basil sal ka sartan waghairah shamil hain.

Waraidon mein pressure kam karnay kay liye char tahon wali bendage ki jai is terha taqriban 80% ulcers kay mariz 26-hafton mein tandrust hojatay hain.

Diuretics bhi mufid hain. Mariz ko anti biotic dain skin grafting bhi karsaktay hain jab mariz thek hojai to isay life long support jurabain pehanni chahiyan andruni ulcer ki tashkhis ultra sound say hosakti hai.
Venous Ulcers In Urdu

Venous Ulcers In Urdu  

Venous Ulcers In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about venous ulcers news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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