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Skin Diseases | Skin Treatment | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases: Skin diseases have great physical and psychological influence due to both physical agony and cosmetic disfigurement so it should be dealt with care. There are wide variety of skin conditions ranging from skin infections, inflammations, scars, burns, hypo pr hyper pigmentation, worm infestations, dryness, oilskin, moles and warts acne, pimples, melasma, allergies and cancers. Skin diseases are may be primary or secondary to some internal problem in body. For examples, chicken pox is viral infection and causes rashes on skin.

Most skin disease are due to infection because skin is constantly exposed to environment  where lots of bacteria, viruses and  other parasites are present, sunrays are also dangerous for skin because sun rays have ultraviolet light rays  which are damaging to skin especially in peak sunny time in late morning and afternoon, early morning rays are not that much harmful, rather they are useful and convert inactive form of vitamin D in to  active form  which is good for bones, but sun rays from 10 am  to 3 pm  can cause skin damage ranging from  hyper pigmentation,  melasma , sun burn to even skin cancers.

Hairs and nails are skin appendages and also a part of skin. Common hair and nail problems are dandruff, hair fall, oily hairs, lice infestation of hairs, ingrown nails, fungal infections of nails etc.

Most skin diseases respond to local treatment with creams, ointments, and gels some requires systemic therapy. Internal diseases when treated, results in automatic resolution of skin symptoms. Some times surgeries are required to remove the skin lesions like warts, Moles and cancers or tumors. In skin treatment sun blocks play major role.

Sun blocks are local creams or gels which are applied exposed areas of skin to prevent sun rays to come in contact with skin, because most skin diseases are aggravated by sun exposure.

To prevent skin disease we should maintain our personal hygiene like daily bathing with antiseptic soaps, cutting of nails and keep them clean, hairs should be washed with shampoo on alternate days, hair oiling should be done to avoid dandruff and dryness, skin should be moisturized regularly because skin dryness leads to skin cracking which predispose to infections and other problems.

We should cover our skin with protective clothing and stuffs like hats, Scarf or   caps to avoid sun rays especially in peak summer timings sun block should be applied on exposed areas of skin. Drink water daily at least six or eight glasses to prevent dehydration, it is very good for skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables are skin friendly foods and should be taken in enough amounts.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Skin Diseases and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Skin Diseases Causes In Hindi
Chalon ki bimari duniya mein aam hai khususan yahudiyon aur barre saghir kay log is bimari mein mubtala hotay hain yeh darmiyani umar kay mard aur aurat ko hotay hain aur donon mein barabar hotay hain yeh aam tor par jild kay ander say shurooh hotay hain aur bahar numayan hotay hain yeh danay matar kay danay kay barabar hotay hain in mein ratubat hoti hai aur kharish bhi hoti hai.

Clinical Features
In chalon mein shaded aablay, mazaman ablay, aam ablay aur pumpfi gas vegetenus paida hotay hain in mein chotay chalay aur baray chalay hotay hain shaded ablay ki jasamat murghi kay anday kay barabar hoti hai.

Aablay ki wajuhat nizame hazam mein kharabi jisam saf na rakhna aur ganday mailay kuchailay kapray pehanna hain marz atishk bhi in ki wajah hai. Mariz ka darjae hararat barh jata hai isay sakht bukhar hota hai qay ati hai aablay kohni par baghal mein aur bari reerh ki haddi par nikaltay hain mariz ka jisam say bu ati hai jild surkh hojati hai yah aablay aik jagha say doosri jagha tak phail saktay hain.

Mariz ko predisolone 60-100mg ki bhari khurak dain doosri satirize jaisay azathioprine cyclophosphamide bhi day saktay hain.

Yeh intervenes daini chahiye is ilaj say mariz amooman theek hojatay hain. Azathioprine kay side effect hotay hain is ko ahtiyat say istemal karna chahiye prednisolone ki miqdar 180 mili gram say 360 mili gram ho isay kam az kam 6 say 10 haftay istemal karain.mariz ko tetracycline 250 mili gram 1.5 say 3 gram rozana 3-4 khurak mein taqsim karkay dain.
Skin Diseases Causes In Urdu
Skin Diseases Causes In Urdu  

Skin Diseases Causes In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about skin diseases news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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