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Pain In The Elbow | Pain In The Elbow Treatment | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Pain In The Elbow

Pain In The Elbow: Injury to any structure around elbow joint can cause elbow pain whether it is physical injury or chemical injury, elbow is flexible joint present at junction of arm and forearm it is surrounded by fibrous sheath called bursa, tendons which are string like ends of muscles, and ligaments which give support. Any person can have damage to these structures but sportsmen and labors are especially prone to injuries around elbow joint.

Common conditions which cause pain are bone fractures and joint dislocations, bursitis, tendonitis, compression of nerves and inflammation of any structures as well as  muscle sprains and strains  can cause pain and discomfort, only calcium and vitamin D deficiency can be the reason of  pain without any structural defects. Pain can be referred from other sites.

Symptoms are pain associated with immobility of joint or difficulty in lifting or turning arms or handling objects, in case of fractures or dislocation there is obvious abnormality in normal anatomy or structure of joint. Best diagnostic approach is x ray of joint with nerve conduction tests or blood tests to detect any inflammatory process.

Elbow pain is managed by pain killers, adequate rest, often application of splints and elastic bandages are used to give support or relieve swelling. Severe cases require surgery to remove compression from nerves. Fractures and dislocations need special orthopedic treatment.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Pain In The Elbow and its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Pain In The Elbow Treatment In Hindi
Kohni mein dard edpicondylitis shariyanon ki sozish ya haddi mein joron ki sozish ki wajah say hoti hai.

Bazu kay nichlay hisay kay extensor muscles homras kay nichaly hissay mein bahar ki taraf litral epicondylitis aur kalaee ki bahwar wali tandan donon medial epicondial mein jatay hain aur muscles ikhattay miltay hain.

Yeh kohni kay irdgird kay muscles uzlat hain in uzlat ko ziyadah istemal karnay say in mein sujhan ajati hai bhari cheezon ko uthanay say yeh uzlat mutasir hotay hain jin ki wajah say in mein sakht dard hota hai yah dard bazu kay pichlay hissay mein bhi ajata hai agar kalaee ko upper ki taraf uthain to in uzlat mein sakht dard hota hai kiyun kay in mein sozish hoti hai.

Bursitis ki wajah say kohni ki jhilli matoram hoti hai aur irdgird sakht dard hota hai yeh hissa sozish say suja huwa hota hai.

Baz oqat bachon ki kohni kardialhead apni jagha say hil jata hai is condition mein bachon ki kohni mein shaded dard hota hai jor mein sozish ajati aur is ki harkat ruk jati hain radiasbon ka head bahar nikala huwa hota hai.

Mariz ko aram karna chahiye carticositeriods ka injection dain physiotherapy say kohni ki haddi ko settle karwain.
Pain In The Elbow Treatment In Urdu

Pain In The Elbow Treatment In Urdu  

Pain In The Elbow Treatment In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Pain In The Elbow news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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