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Neck And Shoulder | Pain In The Neck And Shoulder | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Neck And Shoulder

Neck And Shoulder: Neck and shoulder are two sensitive structures because of wide range of movements and proximity of vital nerves and blood vessels, there are numerous causes of pain in these areas like bone and joints diseases, injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments which is called sprain commonly. Nerve entrapment disorders, inflammations and rarely tumors are also the cause. Risk factors for pain are wrong adopted postures, disc prolapse, over activity, imbalanced diet with lack of calcium and vitamin D, certain occupations and work like sports, athletes, players, and children are more prone to pain in these areas; women are at risk because of loss of calcium from bone inn child birth and after menopause. Old people are specially affected due to aging process and calcium and vitamin D deficiency and loss of activity. Often pain is associated with numbness, weakness and loss of mobility. Diagnosis of neck and shoulder pain is made by history, examination, x rays, blood calcium and vitamin D levels and bone density tests, and in severe cases CT and MRI scans, treatment involves pain killers, hot or cold fomentation, orthopedic devices like cervical collars and splints, local massage of anti-inflammatory, and pain killer ointments, and even surgery in case of complicated cases. Proper diet containing milk and dairy products, light exercise and right postures during work and sleep greatly help in minimizing this type of pain.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Neck And Shoulder  and its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Neck And Shoulder Treatmnet In Hindi
Gardan mein aam dard hota hai aur khud hi khatam hojata hai yeh kisi chot ki wajah say ya ghalat position mein honay say hota hai. Ya kisi board par kam lambay arsay kay liye karnay say paraishani aur dabao bhi is ki wajah hosakti hai aur chronic dard hota hai.

Challis sal ki umar mein spondaelosis barh jata hai laikin is say hamaisha dard nahin hota.

Iss say gardan aur macles mein sakhti paida hoti h ai woh dard ka bais hoti hai gardan say dard kandhay ki taraf muntaqil hojata hai jisay shoulder gardal pain kehtay hain. Yeh kandhay kay upper ki taraf hota hai is kay sath sar dard aur ankh mein dard hota hai.

Mariz ko thoray arsay kay liye analgeci therapy di jati hai gardan ki halki warzish ki jai.
Neck And Shoulder Treatmnet In Urdu

Neck And Shoulder Treatmnet In Urdu  


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