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Menopause: It is the cessation of ovarian function with failure to produce ova and stoppage of menstrual cycle or flow at specific age. Age at which menopause appear vary from women to women but average age of menopause is 45 to 55 years.

It can occur early or late depending on various factors, like racial and ethnic group, presence of any disease and genetics. Diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis can cause early menopause, surgical removal of ovaries can also cause early menopause.

Asian women develop menopause at earlier age then European women. Family history of menopause counts a lot, if woman develops menopause late then more likely her daughter will also develop it at late age.

When ovaries stop functioning, they stop to secrete hormone called estrogen, estrogen is the main hormone, which is responsible for uterine stimulation and cause release of some hormones from brain, which are responsible for normal menstrual cycle and cause menstrual flow.

Most of women donot directly go to cessation of menstruation but before that, there is period of scant or very little menstrual flow, within couple of years this flow gradually disappeared.

There are other symptoms of menopause also like hot flushes, anxiety and depression, vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, night sweats. Not all women experience these symptoms; most of the women have no symptoms except absence of menstruation.

Women after menopause cannot conceive and become infertile. Lack of estrogen also makes bones prone to degeneration and chances of osteoporosis are increased due to decreased calcium absorption and deposition in bones. Menopause is natural physiological change in women’s lives and it needs to be accepted with open mind. With improved diet and regular exercise, symptoms of menopause can be reduced to varying extent.

Women should take increased calcium and more proteins in their diet. Yoga and meditation are also used to delay the process and give strength to mind and relieve anxiety and depression which most women experience around menopausal years.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Menopause and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Menopause Disease In Hindi
Menopause aurat mein haiz ka moquf hona is waqt hota hai jab aurat ki umar taqreeban 45-55 sal hoti hai jab umar challis ki akhri dahaee mein hoti hai to FSH pehlay aur phir LH garha hona shurooh hojata hai aur ghaliban follicle ki tarseel band hojati hai ya bilkul khatam hojati hai.

Ostrogen level gir jata hai aur silsila toot jata hai bohot sari aurtain mehsoos karti hain kay bay qaida waqfay shurooh hogaey hain lakin kuch aurton mein haiz ruk jata hai ya shurooh ho jata hai haiz kisi surgery ki wajah say ya owary ki bimari ki wahah say bhi ruk jata hai.

Clinical Features
Aurton mein osto jin ki kami hojati hai wejaina khushk hojata hai aur chatiyon main doodh khatam hojata hai jamah ki khowahish khatam hojari hai josh ka nuqsan ghair makhsus dard aur takleef  kharish,blood pressure, wazan barh jana jaisi alamat zahir hoti hain.

Aurat moti hojati hai haiz band honay kay das sal kay doran hadiyon ka gudah zaya hona shurooh hojata hai aurton mein chir chirapan,haijan, bekhowabi aur paraishani paida hojati hai.

Marizon ko bari mohabbat say paish aaen harmuns replacement ka intezam kiya jai agar munasib samjhain.

Mariz ko premarin goliyan aik goli rozana dain aur musalsal 21 din tak dain aur sat din nagha karnay kay bad dobarah shurooh karan.
Menopause Disease In Urdu

Menopause Disease In Urdu  

Menopause Disease In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about menopause disease news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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