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Melancholia: It is defined as state of extreme sadness, loss of interest in surroundings, slow body movements, lack of pleasure, depressed mood, and physical symptoms like weight loss, decreased appetite and early morning awakening.

Melancholia is often associated with clinical depression and other psychotic disorders, like bipolar disorders or schizophrenia. Melancholia is not just mood disorder but it is due to the biological brain function imbalance, it should be taken seriously like any medical disorder.

Melancholia can affect any age but it more common in old age and male sand female prevalence is equal. Melancholic patients are sad all the time with feeling of guilt and grief and lack of physical activity and interests, they loose weight and get thin and anorexic, they want to be alone and do not involve in recreational activities.

Exact cause is unknown but there is some genetic predisposition for this order. For, mild cases psychotherapy and anti depressants are used, severe cases leading to physical complications like extreme weight loss and trial of suicide are required hospitalization in psychiatric hospital where electro convulsive therapy or electric shocks are given.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Melancholia and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Melancholia Treatment In Hindi
Is marz mein mariz kay khayalat khof mein badal jatay hain

Yeh marz sarsam, shadeed bukhar kay bad hojata hai gharailu aur moasharti masael, dimagh ki bimari,bawasir,kasrate jamah,maidah jigar ar tilli kay amraz aur aurton mein haiz ki takalif say paida hota hai.

Clinical Features
Mariz ki zehni kaifiyat mutazalzal hojati hai waham-o-tohmat dimagh par cha jatay hain mariz kabhi apnay aap ko bohot bari hasti samajhta hai aur kabhi apnay aap ko kamzor-o-natawan samajhta hai mariz ka chechrah zard parjata hai jisam kamzor hojata hai isay qabz rehti hai madah bhari maloom hota hai ankhain meli hojati hain isay her cheez aur har shakhs say khof ata hai tafakkur,bekhowabi aur faqa kashi mariz ki sehat par bura asar dalti hai woh ghurur past hojata h ai fasid khayalat is kay zehan mein fatoor paida kartay hain.

Mariz ko qabz na honay dain neend kay liye chloral hydrate dain
Melancholia Treatment In Urdu

Melancholia Treatment In Urdu  

Melancholia Treatment In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Melancholia news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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