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Laryngeal Paralysis | Laryngeal Paralysis Treatment | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Laryngeal Paralysis

Laryngeal Paralysis: Larynx is a box like structure, which provides passage between the throat and the respiratory passages. Its function is to produce voice. Two muscular bands in front of larynx called vocal cords or vocal folds they vibrate during passage of air and produce sound do voice production.

Another function of larynx is to prevent food entry into respiratory passages by closing it with its upper flap like structure called epiglottis. larynx is innervated by  a of cranial  nerve  called vague nerve  and various other nerves  which comes from brain stem and  which control its function and innervate vocal cords.

Laryngeal paralysis is a condition in which vocal cords and other muscles of larynx are unable to move or vibrate or cannot do normal function due to interrupted nerve supply. It is common in children might be because of birth trauma, various birth defects and neuromuscular disorders. Causes in adults are postoperative complications of surgeries like thyroidectomy, various tumors of neck, thyroid and larynx, which compress the nerve supply of larynx, and autoimmune neuromuscular disorders. 

Symptoms: Laryngeal paralysis may be unilateral or bilateral. In unilateral case, nerve supply of only one side of larynx is interrupted. Resulting in hoarseness of voice or change in voice quality. In bilateral paralysis all nerve innervations to larynx is discontinued  resulting in respiratory difficulty and complete cessation of voice production and aspiration of food particles in respiratory passages Aspiration cause severe complications causing lung edema and infection and even choking and sudden death depending upon type and quantity of food particle  which has been aspirated.

Diagnosis: Diagnosis is made by laryngoscopy and cranial nerve tests and other neurological examination. Electromyography, which is wavy graph of electrical stimulation of muscles and detects muscle paralysis, is also very help full, symptoms of underlying causes are also present.  X-ray neck, chest, and CT and MRI scans are also very helpful.

Treatment: Treatment varies according to cause. Most likely surgery is recommended to relieve pressure on nerves like removal of tumors, immunosuppressive drugs treat autoimmune disorders. Thyroid surgery and other head and neck surgeries should be performed with expert hands to avoid complications.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Laryngeal Paralysis and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Laryngeal Paralysis In Hindi
Is marz mein sance ki nali matoram hoti hai mariz ko sance laina mushkil hojata hai naliyon mein tashanuj paida hojata hai aur dam ghutnay lagta hai.

Yeh marz kamzor aur laghar bachon ko hoti hai jin ki hadiyan kamzor hon aur in ko munasib khurak na milti ho jab bacha dant nikal raha ho to is waqt khasa kamzor hojata hai  isay achi ghiza na milay to isay sance ka masla paida hojata hai bachay kay pait mein kiray hon aur isay badhazmi rehti ho pait ki ratubat galay ki taraf chalti hai aur sance mein rukawat ka sabab banti hai.

Clinical Features
Marz zahir honey say pehlay bacha apnay hath aur paon kay anguthon ko ander ki taraf khainchta hai.

Raat ko sance mein rukawat honay kay sabab ahanak uth baithay ga sance andar khainchtay waqt kharatay ki awazain ati hain dam ghutnay par mun aur sara jisam nila parjata hai.

Aur hath paon tairhay par jatay hain isay saray jisam mein tashanuj hojati hai baz dafa bacha dam ghutnay say behosh hojata hai phir achanak tez tez sance lainay shurooh krdaita hai aur hosh mein ajata hai isay is terha kay rat mein kaee doray p artay hain is qisam kay doron mein bachay ko na bukhar hota hai aur na hi khansi ati hai.

Jab bachay ko dorah paray to isay nim garam pani mein bithain ya sfanj garam pani mein bhigo kar bachay ki gardan aur chati par phairain mun par thanday pani kay chentain marain agar dorah dair tak rahe to bachy ko ahtiyat kay sath email nisrate sunghain mariz ko b complex syrup dain takay is ki kamzori waghairah door ho.
Laryngeal Paralysis In Urdu

Laryngeal Paralysis In Urdu  

Laryngeal Paralysis In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Laryngeal Paralysis news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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