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Lady Fingers

Lady Fingers: It is called okra in English; it has been given the name ladyfinger due to its shape like human finger. It is full of nutrients; its outer covering is full of fiber, sticky material inside it acts as natural lubricant and bulk laxative in intestine, prevents extra absorption of water, makes stools soft, and traps toxins. It has got with anti diabetic effects; high fiber content in it holds extra sugar within intestine and controls blood sugar levels. It also controls blood cholesterol levels and prevents deposition of fats in blood vessels and in heart vasculature.

Ladyfinger is also good to control acidity and ulcers. It forms smooth covering on stomach mucosa and prevents acids to cause acidity and ulceration in stomach and intestines. Its seeds are good store of vitamins and minerals.

Many anti-inflammatory substances are present in it, which are useful in inflammatory conditions like asthma; it decreases the intensity of wheezing and respiratory difficulty in asthma. It also contains anticancer agents. It is very good for hairs and nails because of vitamin content, one special property is that some substances present in it are also good for relieving mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Too much cooking destroys the beneficial nutrients, because it is already soft, mild stir-frying or steaming is best way to cook it.

In this page, we are going to discuss about ladyfingers benefits, advantages, and diet in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Lady Fingers Benefits In Hindi
Bhindi tori aik poday ka phal hai jisay bator sabzi paka kar khaya jata hai. yeh agar chay shakhs nay zoq o shoq say khaee hai magar Woh is kay tibbi khawas say ashna nahin hain. Yeh sabzi ya phal bator dawa ziyada istemal hota hai.

Calcium, folad, phaphoras aur vitamin A aur C is kay ajza hain jab kay is ka mizaj sard-o-gatar hai isay adrak,garam masalah aur gosht kay hamrah khaya jana munasib hai.

Bhindi khanay aur pakany say pehlai isay dholain aur is kaydonon siron ko kat dain aur jo baqi reh jai isay ghee mein surkh karlain. Phir isay bhunay huway gosht mein dal kar zara garam karaina ur utar kar khain. Yeh sabzi sahih manon mein tab faida mand hogi.

Bhindi mein mardon kay kay khususan fawaid mojud hain isay mard khain to mani mein garah pan paida hota hai. paishab kay amraz khususan paishabjal kar ata hai to bhindi khanay say khatam hojata h ai aur sahih paishab ana shurooh hojata hai jabkay paishab kay amraz ko faida milta hai.

Woh shakhs ya ashkhaq jinhain paichish kar marz ho Woh bhindi istemal karain inhain aram ajaiga. Anton ki kharash mein bhindi lajwab sabzi hai yeh anton ki kharash jala z jald door kar diati hai.

Safra aur garmi kay josh mein bhindi lajawab istemal shudah faidah mand sabit hoti hai.
Bhindi ka salan sozak aur jariyan kay marizon kay liye bay had mufid rehta hai is kay bijon ka sharbat sozak o jariyan ko khatam kardaita hai.

Sozak anton kay amraz aur zakham-o-paichish mein garam mizaj logon ko bhindi tori khana bay had faida mand sabit hota hai aur yeh amraz jald khatam hojatay hain.

Naram naram bhindi ko khushk karlain aur phir is ka safoof banakar sozak aur jariyan kay mariz ko khilain. Numayan faida hasil hoga aur yeh mani ko garha o paichish ko bhi door karday gi.

Bhindi tori jar say ukhar lain aur dhokar khush k karlain aur phir peec kar is ka safoof banalain. Yeh safoof jariyan mein bay had mufid hai.

Adrak aur gosht kay baghair kamzor maday ashkhaq ko bhindi kisi soorat na khani chahiye. Yeh qalilul ghiza hai aur is mein bohot lace huwa karti hai. yeh ninakh paida karti hai jab kay dair hazam bhi hai.
Lady Fingers Benefits In Urdu

Lady Fingers Benefits In Urdu  

Lady Fingers Benefits In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about lady fingers statistics of Pakistan and India.

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