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Gastric Ulcer

Gastric Ulcer: An ulcer is excavated area in stomach mucosa by excessive acid secretion  which is produced by stomach own cells to digest food, in normal condition this doesn’t happen and stomach mucosa is resistant to digestive action of acid but certain factors destroys this barrier and acid begins to destroy stomach cells. There are two main factors, which produce gastric ulcers.

1. Long term of use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, these drugs are used most commonly by arthritis patient to relieve inflammation of joints; these drugs are also given in recurrent dental pains and other inflammatory conditions.

2. Infection of gastric mucosa by helicopter pylori, which is bacterium. Smoking, coffee, tea and alcohol are aggravating factors for ulcer formation.

Symptoms: Symptoms are mild epigastric pain and burning after meals especially in empty stomach, ingestion of milk and other neutralizing foods lessen the intensity, pain and burning gets worse in night on lying down.

Sometimes nausea and vomiting are also present, in case of bleeding ulcer there is vomiting containing blood, patient passes black stools, sometimes ulcer perforates into abdominal cavity and results in serious emergency comprising of severe pain, and symptoms of shock.

Diagnosis: X ray of stomach with barium makes Diagnosis, barium is a dye, which is injected by mouth, and then X ray is taken to detect the ulcer, and dye stains the normal mucosa but not the ulcer. Another option is upper GI endoscopy. Blood testes are done to detect H. pylori antibody.

Treatment: Treatment involves giving drugs, which limit acid secretion; some drugs are designed to heal the ulcer by forming protective coating on them. Patients are advised to quit smoking and alcohol use. Use of Anti-inflammatory drugs should be reduced or alternatives are given to patients. Antibiotics are effective in most cases with H pylori infection.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Gastric Ulcer  and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Gastric Ulcer In Hindi
Stomach ka alsar ki bimaari aam hai taqreeban 10-15 aabadi ko yeh bimaari hoti hai yeh jawano mein kam hoti hai aur borhay logon mein barh rahi hai khaas kar auratain ziadah mutasir ho rahi hain yeh Stomach kay kisi bhi hissay mein ho sakti hai. Mucosa ziadah mutasir hota hai. Stomach ki berooni jhilly per zakham aajatay hain.

Iss per ubhaar  say paida hatay hain. yeh reshah dar phorha ban jata hai niya zakhum chota hota hai lekin baad mein barha ho jata hai aur dard karta hai is say Stomach ki andarooni jhilli ki satha be his ho jati hai is alsar ki barhi wajah Gastric glands ki ratoobat ka ziadah kharij hota hai. tezaabiat aur tursh cheezen khanay say aur bad hazmi say alsar ho sakta hai. yeh marz morasi bhi ho sakta hai.

Clinical Features
Is marz mein pehlay dard hota hai aur yeh amuman  raat kay waqt shoro hota hai. aur jab mareez bhika ho to buhat ziada dard hota hai. shiddat dard mein pusht kay peechay akrhan mahsoos hoti hai is ka dard aksar khanay kay do ghantay baad hota hai.

Mareez ko matli aur qay aati hai qay mein khoon bhi mila hota hai acidity ki wajah say dil –o-jigar mein jalan hoti hai.alsar mein peep parhjaye to khatarnak ho jata hai aur saray jism mein phail sakta hai ziada barha ho kar phat janay say Stomach mein sorakh ho jata hai. is say mareez roz baroz kamzor hota jata hai. Stomach ka alsar kai saal tak rahta hai aur pait main laga tar balkeh dhimi dhimi dard aur qabz rahti hai.

Pakhanay, peeshab aur khoon ka test kia jaye.
pait ka x-ray aur ultrasound kia jaye. Endoscope ki jaye.

Mareez ki kamzori dard karnay kay liye rozanah vitamin C50mg din mein teen baar dain.mareez ka haqnah kia jaye.

1. Ludrox syrup 1-2 spoon din mein 5-6 baar istemaal karain. yeh dawai buhat mo’sar hai.
2. Tab.Tegamet aik ya do goli din mein 3 baar mareez ko dain.
3. Pro-Banthine Tabs
aik goli subha, aik dopahr  aur aik goli sham ko dain.
4. Digex syrup aik say do chamchay din mein  5-6 baar dain.

In dawaion kay istemaal kay sath sath mandarjah zail hidaayaat per amal kia jaye aaram aanay per mareez ko kuch dinon kay liye khanay ko kuch nah dain. sirf pias waghairah dard karnay kay liye thanda pani dain doodh mein koi mashroob mila kar mareez ko datay rahain. jab mareez ki halat mazeed behtar ho jaye to

Issay saagudanah, halka shorba (mirch kam ho) aur yakhni waghairah deni shoro karain.
Gastric Ulcer In Urdu

Gastric Ulcer In Urdu  

Gastric Ulcer In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Gastric Ulcer news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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