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Gall Stones | Pittay Ki Pathri | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Gall Stones

Gall Stones: Stones in gall bladder are of two basic types; Pigment stones and cholesterol stones. Gall bladder is an organ, which stores bile salts and concentrates it with bile salts and bile acids before its release in duodenum.

Pigment stones usually develop due to obstruction of bile flow from gallbladder, or excessive production pf billirubin in hemolytic conditions.

Exact etiology of cholesterol stones is not known, but they may be associated with high fat diet, obesity and usually common in women. Gallstones lead to acute and chronic inflammation of gall bladder.

Symptoms: Patient has episodic crampy pain in right upper quadrant of abdomen or constant dull pain in epigastrium , nausea and  vomiting, indigestion, fever , general malaise , fatigue , and loss of appetite is also present , sometimes jaundice is also present 

Diagnosis: Gall stones appear on abdominal ultrasound or CT or MRI scan. Billirubin levels will be elevated on liver function tests.

Treatment: Gall stones are indication of surgical removal of gall bladder. Patients are kept on antibiotics before and after surgery and advised to take low fat diet.

In this page, we are going to discuss about gall stones and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Gall Stones Treatment In Hindi
Pittay ki pathri cholesterol aur charbi waghairah jama honay say banti hai. Aahistah aahistah sakht ho jati hai. Bile salt ziadah moqdaar mein jama karta hai aur bleeder ki deewaron kay sath mawad ekatha hota hai. Iss pathri ka rung peela hota hai.

Sifray ki piginants say jo pathri banti hai wo ultrasound per nazar aati hai pathri bannay ki wajoohat ka sahi elam nahi. Aam tor per kheyaal kia jata hai keh khoraak kay ijza jo hazam nahi hotay.

Sifray mein shamil ho jatay hain. Sifray mein mojod bail acids, cholesterol, bilirobin aur phosphor lead ka jab tawazan bigar jaye to pathri ban jati hai. Mazeed wajoohat diabetes sukari, adoyat ka istemaal, estrogen hormones, chiknayi wali ashya khana ya ziadah khanay say pathri banti hai khoon mein sufaid cells barh jatay hain. Aur bile mein infection ho jati hai.
Pathri ki teen qismain hain.

Cholestrol Stones
Yeh taadaad mein aik ya do hoti hain.

Pigment Stones
Yeh bili robin kay kasrat say ikhraaj say banti hain yeh taadaad main ziadah hoti hain.

Mixed Stones
yeh pathriyan bili robin, colestrol aur calcium say banti hain. Yeh bhi taadaad main ziadah hoti hain. In pathriyon mein say koyi bhi pathri ho is say pittay main dard hota hai.
Gall Stones Treatment In Urdu

Gall Stones Treatment In Urdu  

Gall Stones Treatment In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Gall stones and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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