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Gall Bladder | Pitta | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Gall Bladder

Gall Bladder: Gallbladder is small pear shaped organ present under the liver on right side of upper abdomen. It is connected to liver through a small tube called cystic duct. Cystic duct enters in bile duct and they merge to form another tube called common bile duct, which releases bile in duodenum.

Duodenum is first part of small intestine. Bile is green colored solution, which digests fats. Liver produces bile. Main function of gall bladder is storage of bile and concentration of bile with bile salts and acids. Gall bladder is lined internally by  an epithelium, above epithelium there is layer of connective tissue and  above this  there  is  muscular layer which contracts  gall bladder and expels bile from it, out side gallbladder is covered by peritoneum.

In humans, gallbladder is prone to accumulation of stones and inflammation; stones develop in gall bladder when its duct is blocked by some obstruction or inflammation. Because of obstruction, bile, which is stored in gall bladder, cannot escape out of it and concentrates to form stones. Stones in turn result in inflammation of its lining resulting in pain in right upper abdomen, vomiting and indigestion. Inflammation of gallbladder also results rarely from tumor also.

Gallstones and its inflammation also result in jaundice, usually gallstones and inflammation are indication of surgery and gall bladder is removed surgically. Removal of gall bladder in humans does not alter the normal functioning of liver and does not have any effect on health.

In this page, we are going to discuss about gall bladder  and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Gall Bladder Treatment In Hindi
Pitta jigar kay dayain taraf nichli satha per thaili numa shakal ka hota hai. yeh teen say chaar inch lamba aur aik inch chora hota hai. jigar kay sifra (Bile) paida ho kar iss thaili mein jama hota rehta hai. thaili mein taqreeban aadh chataak sifra jama ho sakta hai. thaili kay teen hissay hotay hain.

1.    Fundus
2.     Body     
3.    Neck (gurdun)

Iss thaili kay ird gird jhilli hoti hai jis mein tursh myosin payi jati hai. Yeh pani ko jazb karti hai.

Advantages Of Bile | Sifra Kay Faiday
sifra aik laisdaar ratoobat hoti hai. yeh sunahri maayal hoti hai iss ka zaika be had karwa hota hai. jab sifra banta hai iss waqt yeh patla hota hai lekin maday mein jakar ghara ho jata hai. aik sehat mand aadmi kay jigar mein taqreeban nisf say sawa sair tak sifra paida hota hai. khanay kay baad ziadah.

Paida hota hai. haazmay kay waqt sifra aanton mein jata hai. Iss kay yeh faiday hain.

Sifra hazma mein madad deta hai ghiza ko hal karta hai aur jazb honay kay qabil banata hai.

Yeh aanton kay mawaad ko qabil akhraaj banata hai jab sifra kisi rokaawat ki wajah say aanton mein nahi gira to khaana hazam nahi hota iss liye qabz ya bad hazmi ho jati hai. Agar sifra ziada moqdaar mein giray to aadmi ko dast lag jatay hain lehaza sifra ka paida hona zaroori hai.

Sifra khoon saaf karta hai.

yeh aanton mein say ganday mawaad kay jaraseem ko tabah karta hai aur taaffun-o- badboo paida nahi honay deta.

sifra badan ki hararat ko qaayam rakhta hai.

sifra khoon ko jamanay mein madad karta hai.

sifra khoon mein jami hoyi zahreeli ashya ko khoon say alihda karta hai. aur iss tarah khoon saaf ho jata hai.
sifra urea paida karta hai jo khoon mein shamil ho jata hai jisay jigar alihda karta hai.

sifra surkh cells ko tabao kar deta hai jo be faidah hotay hain.

10-sifra ki kami say yar qaan paida hota hai jo khatar naak bimaari hai.
Gall Bladder Treatment In Urdu

Gall Bladder Treatment In Urdu  

Gall Bladder Treatment In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Gall Bladder news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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