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Fracture Bed

Fracture Bed: As its name implies, fracture bed is specially designed for patients with bone fractures and dislocations. It is usually orthopedic bed with overhead frame for traction apparatus.

Traction is a term, which is defined as pulling or giving pressure. Usually fractured parts are supported with slings and woody stripes to prevent mobility to give time to bone healing.

These frames are designed to support fractured parts. In addition fracture bed is made firm by fracture board which is a plain board kept under the mattress to ease the mobility of patient. Because patients having fractures need prolonged rest and immobility, nurse should provide water bags or sand bags to prevent pressure sores. 

Bedpan should be provided near the bed or if patient with upper limb fracture can walk, bed should be near to washroom and toilet. Bones are very fragile and in broken state, they easily acquire infection from clothing and other objects so strict sterilization of bed sheets and other objects near the bed is very necessary otherwise infections can be lethal.

Nurse should provide small dining table over the bed to serve meals. Extra pillows should be given to support different parts of body.

In this page, we are going to discuss about fracture bed  and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Fracture Bed in Hindi
Iss bed kay nam say zahir hota hai kay yeh bed in khas marizon kay liye tayar kiya jata hai jo fracture ka shikar hotay hain yni jin ki koee haddi toot chuki hoti hai.

Yeh aik khas qisam ka aram deh hamwar bistar hota hai jo fracture walay mariz ko aram daita hai aur is ko matluba aram deh halat mein rakhta hai aur mariz ko ghair zaroori harkat saybachata hai takay is ko taklif na ho.

Is terha kay khas bistar par mariz kay aram karnay say is ki haddi kay tutnay kay bad is halat mein mandamal honay ka amal tez hota hai kiyunkay yah khas bistar is ko duruat aram faraham karta hai aur mutasira hissay ko ghair zaroori harkat aur taklif say bachata hai.

Darkar Ashia
1.Woh tamam ashia jo aik sadah bed kay liye darker hoti hain.
2.Fracture board (yeh aik khas terha ka board hota hai)..
3.Fracture bed (yeh bhi khas terha ka bed hota hai).
4.Rait ka thaila agar is ki zaroorat ho.

1.Fracture board ko barah rast bed kay spring kay upper rakh diya jata hai.

2.Is fracture board kay upper aik barik daggah is board kay upper bichadiya jata hai takay who kisi qadar aram deh ban jai. Fracture board say bed sakht hojata hai aur lachakdar nahin rehta.

3.Is kay alawah baqiya bistar ki tayari ka tariqa aam bed ki tayari wala hi hota hai.

4.Is kay alawah mariz ko litanay kay liye doctor ki hidayat kay mutabiq takiya waghairah say tayar kardiya jata h ai.
Fracture Bed in Urdu
Fracture Bed in Urdu  

Fracture Bed In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Fracture Bed news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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