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Electro Cardio Gram | E.C.G | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Electro Cardio Gram

Electro Cardio Gram: Most of the people are aware of what is ECG. ECG is short term for electrocardiography. It is the most common test done in emergencies and OPDs of clinics, hospitals and cardiology departments. ECG is very effective screening method to diagnose and detect heart problems; it is non-invasive, easy to done procedure without doing any harm to patient.

ECG is graphical recording of heartís electrical impulses, which are generated with its beats. ECG is reliable method to diagnose many heart diseases like angina, heart attack, heart failure, abnormal heart beat and hear valve damage. In order to record ECG, a nurse or medical staff uses leads attached to ECG machine equipped with scanner to take out graph and some times computer to record the heart activity.

ECG leads are of two types, chest leads and limb leads, chest leads are 6 abbreviated as V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6, there are 4 limb leads; two for arms, and two for legs, abbreviated as  RA , LA, RL and LL. ECG is performed right away without any prior preparation or anesthesia. Person should be calmed and counseled before ECG because stress and anxiety can give abnormal ECG patterns.

ECG is taken at rest and during exercises to detect any changes during exertion. ECG taken during exercise is called stress test or stress ECG, or exercise tolerance test. ECG, which is continuously taken for 24 hours period, is called Holterís monitoring. After age 40, ECG should also be done for screening any heart disease in normal persons especially with family history of heart disease, high blood pressure and in obese people, because prevention is better then cure.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Electro Cardio Gram and its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Electro Cardio Gram Treatment In Hindi
Yeh aik graph ki shakal mein recording hai jo dil ki halat ko wazeh karti hai. Iss mein baqi taqat kay Isstemal say dil ki halat jani jati hai.

Iss mariz kay jIssam par lagai janewalay electrodes aur E.C.G machine ka Isstemal hota hai.

Iss terha ki recording aik khas terha kay graph paper par hoti hai jo E.C.G paper kehlata hai jo E.C.G machine kay ander harkat karta hai Iss E.C.G karnay ka maqsad dil kay mukhtalif amraz ki tashkhIss karna hota hai.

1.    Nurse ka farz hai kay mariz ko E.C.G ki tafsil aur Clinical Features say agah karday. Iss ko batadiya jai kay E.C.G koee taklif deh amal nahin hai laikin bay arami hosakti hai.

2.    Mariz ki qamIss utar kar Iss ko dorsal position mein lita diya jata hai.

3.    Mariz ko hidayat ki jati hai kay khud ko normal rakhay,normal andaz mein sance lay aur khamosh rahay.

4.    Mariz ko hidyaat ki jati hai kay Iss amal kay doran guftugu na karay.

5.    E.C.G karnewala electrode ko jIssam kay mukhttalif maqamat par laga daita hai aur yun E.C.G ka amal shurooh hojata hai.
Electro Cardio Gram Treatment In Urdu

Electro Cardio Gram Treatment In Urdu  

Electro Cardio Gram Treatment In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Electro Cardio Gram news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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