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Cirrhosis Of Liver | Jigar Ka Sukarna | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Cirrhosis Of Liver

Cirrhosis Of Liver: It is shrinkage and fibrosis of liver; it shows end stage of liver failure. In Cirrhotic, liver normal parenchyma is replaced by fibrous tissue, which cannot do normal functions resulting in liver failure.

Liver cirrhosis is secondary to various diseases; it is very dangerous and discomforting state. Because liver is the main organ which detoxifies toxins, produce antibodies and metabolize most food particles because of cirrhosis these functions cannot be done and person predisposed to many problems.

Causes: Infection with hepatitis viruses B and C are major causes of cirrhosis. Alcohol abuse is anther cause; various metabolic diseases can also cause cirrhosis like Wilson’s disease. Chronic iron overload as occurs in hereditary hemo chromatists is another cause. Obesity, hepatic toxic substances, long-term corticosteroid therapy, glycogen storage diseases and lipid storage diseases all cause cirrhosis.

Symptoms: In early stages patient is asymptomatic, then if diseases progresses and liver  stops functioning, various  symptoms occur including loss of appetite, weight loss, jaundice or yellow discoloration of skin, black stool, rectal bleeding, indigestion, vomiting, swelling of abdomen sometimes huge to cause shortness of breath, this swelling is called ascites, clubbing of fingers, bruises on skin, infections, anemia, renal failure secondary to liver failure resulting  initially in increased urination then decreased urine output , bone pain.

Other complications are confusion and coma, esophageal varies, constipation and ascites resulting in severe dyspepsia and cardiac failure.

Diagnosis: Method of diagnosis is liver biopsy. It gives the exact clue of liver fibrosis, ultrasound abdomen and CT scan are also used to detect complications like ascites, and endoscopy is required to detect esophageal varies.

Treatment: In initial stages supportive treatment is needed like drainage of ascites, banding of esophageal varies, prevention of constipation and coma by laxatives. Moreover, symptomatic treatment. Final treatment of end stage disease is liver transplant.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Cirrhosis Of Liver and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Cirrhosis Of Liver Treatment in Hindi
Normal Condition
Sozish ki wajah say jigar motarim hota hai. Jigar kay asli zarrat zaya ho jatay hain aur faasid reshay paida hotay hain. yeh fasid reshay jigar ki bimaari “Cirrosis” ka sabab bantay hain. jigar sukar jata hai. agar reshay ziadah mein banain to jigar pail jata hai. yeh donon halatain khatar naak hain.

Cervices of lever mein pehli stage mein stalate sooj jatay hain. aur kaam karna band kar detay hain. Chunancha reshay paida hona shoro ho jatay hai. iss bimaari ki khaas wajah Hepatitis B aur hepatitis C hai. In ki wajah say jigar sukar jata hai iss kay elawa sharab ka ziada istemaal karna, jigar mein iron ki moqdaar barhna aur TB cancer ki adoyat kay istamaal say jigar zakhmi ho jata hai. aur sukar jata hai, high blood pressure bhi jigar per asar karta hai.

Clinical Features
Mareez ka hazma kharab rehta hai. matli aati hai aur qai aati hai halka sa bukhar hota hai. dain taraf pasliyon mein dard hota hai. pait ki deewaron mein sozish hoti hai aur yarqan ho jata hai mareez kay pait mein gas bhar jati hai. roz baroz wazan kam ho jata hai azlaat mein dard hota hai. aur mareez ko bhook nahi lagti. chehray ka rung zard par jata hai.

mareez kay khoon, peshaab aur pakhanay test kiye jayin. jigar ka ultrasound kia jaye. C.T section aur MRI section kar saktay hain takeh jigar ki condition ka patah chal sakay.

Mareez ko lever tonic aur peshaab aawar golyan larjetic waghairah dain.
Esidrone injection tasaf CP azlaati lagayain.

agar mareez kay pait ki jhilliyon mein pani par jaye. Aldectonc 25mg aik tablet rozana aur 1000 mg wali din mein her 6 ghantay baad dain.

Spiromide 20mg do tablet her 12 ghantay baad dain aur aik tablet subha kay waqt dain.

Lasic 20mg tablet aik goli subha kay waqt dain. iss kay baad 2 tablet din mein dain.

achar, chatni, qahwa, garam masalha waghaira na dain. namak bilkul na dain. sabzi terkari, machli waghaira khaye. doodh ubaal kar dain. mareez ko aaram karna chahiye.
Cirrhosis Of Liver Treatment In Urdu

Cirrhosis Of Liver Treatment in Urdu  

Cirrhosis Of Liver Treatment in Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Cirrhosis Of Liver news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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