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Allergy: Skin allergy is a common problem and affects many people worldwide without any racial or sex differences. Skin is very sensitive organ and it acts as a shield against many environmental offenders like irritants, microorganisms and allergens.

Skin responds to these offenders by producing allergic reaction against them thus alerting body for future defense.  Skin allergies can be caused by variety of causes, like fabric, food, certain objects like carpet, plastics, irritants like plant pollens and chemicals.

Most common causes are dust, chemicals like detergents and soaps, insect bites and stings, foods like fish, egg and milk, sometimes skin allergies are side effects of some drugs.

Symptoms: Allergies usually present as red colored macules, or papules, wheels, or flares, swelling, itching and redness of widespread areas. These lesions can be limited to small areas or cover extensive areas of skin. Sometimes skin allergy shows itself as itching only and sometime only red macules are present.

Treatment: Most skin allergies  respond to anti allergic drugs, these drugs are useful to decrease symptoms, removal of cause is most important, it is necessary to detect the cause and avoid contact with that like removal of carpets from home if a   person is allergic to carpet fiber or avoiding food which is causing the allergic symptoms.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Allergy  and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Allergy Causes In Hindi
1.    Allergy kay mani hain kisi cheez kay khilaf radde amal zahir karta hai.
2.    Yeh doosray aadmi kay liye paraishani ka bais banti hai.
3.    Yeh amal antijin anti body kay sabab runuma hota hai.
4.    Hasasiyat ka hota quwate dafah ka ghair mukamal aur naqis honay ko zair karta hai.
5.    Agar aik hasas admi kay mawad ko ghair hassas admi kay mawad mein dakhil kiya jai to 24 ghantay kay doran antigen mojib hasasiyat ka injection lagain to foran chupa ki ki terha ka radde amal hota hai.
6.    Agar allergen aur anti bodies ko apas mein milain to histamine ki terha ka mawad ban jata hai allergy kae aik bimariyan maslan alergin asthma chupaki uritearia aur hassas nikam waghaira hojati hai.
7.    Allergy kisi bhi terha paida hosakti hai allergy cheezon say , dawayon say,khurak say,samane araish say poshak say aur histamine say allergy hojati hai histamine jisam mein aisa madah paida karta hai jis say admi paraishan hojata hai.
8.    eczema,kharish,chunbal,phunsiyan aur bukhar isi allerg ki wajah say hain baz auqat antigen dair say amal kartay hain aur allergy ki alamat dair say zahir hoti hai maslan hadiyon ka waram,masanay ka waram,shairanon ka waram,aur reh ki wajah say hain.
9.    Hasasiyat paida karnay wali cheezain darj ki jarahi hain.
Causes And Treatment
1.    Inhalants
Sunghnay wali ashiae tanafus kay alat mein allergy paida karti hai in mein gard oghubar,sabziyon kay chotay chotay chilkay,khal kay raishay,tambaku ka dhuwan, bus ka dhuwan, karkhanon ka dhuwan badbu dar gali sari cheezain sabziyan waghairah.

2.    Foods Har aadmi ka apna test  hota hai jo khurak test kay khilaf ho is say allergy hojati hai khurakon mein machli, gai ka gosht, maghziyat,dalain waghaira kisi ko machli pasand hoti hai aur kisi ko napasand chunanchay is ki bu say allergy hojaigee.

3.    Baz cheezain aisi hoti hain kay in ko chunay say allergy paida hojati hai.

4.    Yeh alamat jild par foran zahir hoti hai jild par chotay chotay danay nikal atay hain larzish paida hojati hai kharish hojati hai jari butiyan aur poday bhi is group mein shamil hain plastic rubber, polythene, phool, rang, matti, powder, khushbu dar cheezain waghaira allergy ka bais banti hain.
Allergy Causes In Urdu

Allergy Causes In Urdu  

Allergy Causes In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Allergy  news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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