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Abortion | Asqaat Hamal | Urdu Hindi | Pakistan India
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Abortion: Termination of pregnancy before 24 weeks of gestation either intentionally or spontaneously is called abortion, it is also defined a expulsion of products of conception or expulsion of fetus before 24 weeks. (Developing baby in uterus is called fetus).  Abortion can be classified into many types, legal or illegal, spontaneous or induced. Medically is it divided into complete, incomplete, threatened, and septic abortion?

Causes of abortion are many, these include genetic abnormalities of fetus,  poor maternal health, infections, trauma or injury to abdomen, hormonal disturbances, cervical incompetence, autoimmune disorders, blood disorders, blood group incompatibilities, severe developmental anomaly of baby on ultrasounds, stress and severe depression, use of irrigative substances which stimulate contraction of uterus, congenital anomalies and fibroids or tumors of uterus.

Hormonal oils and drugs carry out induced abortions, which start severe contractions of uterus, by herbal remedies like drinking castor oil, and by vigorous exercise. Symptoms are pain in lower abdomen progressing to regular contractions, bleeding or leaking from vagina in case of septic abortion fever, rapid pulse rate, decreased blood pressure and foul smelling vaginal discharge is present.

Bleeding may be in form of spotting or it could be severe, on examination cervix is opened, ultrasound detects the most forms of abortion. In case of threatened or impending abortion, preventive measures are done to stop it like be rest, drugs to stop uterine contraction, fluid therapy and nutritional support. In case of complete abortion, products of conception have to be removed by vacuum aspiration or dilatation and curettage or D&C.

Complete abortion usually result in expulsion of whole fetus and placenta, ultrasound is repeated to see any retained products if these products are intact then dilatation and evacuation D&E is performed under anesthesia. Antibiotic cover should be given in all types of abortions.

In this page, we are going to discuss about Abortion and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Abortion In Hindi
Aurat kay pait mein se muddat se pehlay bache ka raham se nikal jana abortion kahlata hai. Kai dafa aurat khood apni marzi se asqaat hamal karwati hai. Pehlay teen mah tak barha khatra hota hai.

Is marz kay kayi asbaab ho saktay hain. Baaz awqat mareezah buhat kamzor ho jati hai aur hamal khood hi gir jata hai. Kayi dafa aurat kisi gunah ko chopane ki garz se asqaat hamal karwati hai. Baaz aoqaat mareeza ki jaan bachane kay liye hamal giraya jata hai.

Kayi aik beemaryan jaise aatishik, pechish, tip diq, dard gurdah aur larzay kay bukhar se hamal girjata hai. Kasrat mehnat se bhi hamal gir jata hai. Achanak kisi shaded zahni dhachkay se bhi asqaat hamal ho jata hai jiniyan aur jhillion ki kamzori waghairah bhi asqaat hamal ka sabab banti hai.

Clinical Features
Mareeza kay jism mein thakawat aur dard hota hai. Tabiyat sust hojati hai kamar mein dard hota hai matli aur qai aati hai mareeza ko bukhar ho jata hai, raham mein khoon bahna shoro ho jata hai. Aisi halat mien mareeza buhat ghabrahut mahsoos karti hai.

Mareeza ko dawayi ki bajaye ehteyati tadabeer ki zaroorat hoti hai ise hamal thahernay kay baad ziada mahnat wala kaam nahi karna chahiye. Mubashrat tark kadeni chahiye. Ziada garam ahsya nah khaye. Koyi dawai istamaal nah ki jaye jis se ghabrahat paida ho.

Agar mareeza kisi jaan lewa beemari mien mubtiala ho jaye to bazaryah operation asqaat hamal kardena chahiye takeh jaan bach jaye.

Mareeza ko zod hazam aur qowat bakhsh ghiza deni chahiye gaye ka gosht, daal masoor waghaira nahi khani chahiye.
Abortion In Urdu

Abortion In Urdu  

Abortion In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about abortion news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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