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Tinitis: Tinnitus is abnormal sounds heard by people like ringing or clicking in various diseases. Middle and inner ear lesions are common causes of tinnitus, other causes are head injuries or skull fractures; obstruction of blood supply to inner and middle ear due to secondary causes, various drugs are also responsible for disorder.

Sometimes etiology is unknown and condition is called idiopathic tinnitus. Tinnitus can also arise from earwax or some foreign body in external ear, noise pollution is another cause of tingling in which chronic exposure to loud noise in busy congested urban areas result in tinnitus. 

Tinnitus is also common in elderly people and related to age related changes in auditory organs. Tinnitus can sometimes be  asymptomatic. It can be a symptom of some serious condition like brain aneurysm or brain tumor, diagnosis of underlying cause is done by history, examination and CT and MRI scans.

Treatment depend on curing underlying disease, patient should be advised to limit alcohol and caffeine containing foods like tea and coffee, take adequate rest, avoid noisy environment, on the other hand divert their attention from the symptom by indulging in some hobbies with controlled sounds like listening to radio, television with low sound because in complete silence tingling will be more troublesome.

In this page, we are going to discuss about tinitis and types of tinitis, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Urdu and Roman Hindi for the people of Pakistan and India.
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Tinitis In Hindi
Yeh ajeeb marz hai kanon say mukhtalif awazain nikalti hain dimagh mein dorane khoon terha terha ki awazain kanon say sunaee daiti hain is marz ki wajuhat kamzori, khoon ki kami bad bazmi aur antibiotics ka kasrat kay istemal karna hai.

Iss bimari say samat mein thora say farq ajata hai yeh marz burhon mein ziyadah hota hai aurton ko hamal ya haiz kay doran hoti hai kiyunkay khoon mein kami hoti hai aur bay aram o bay chainy hoti hai.

Marz ki asal wajah ka pata laga kar mariz ka ilaj karain agar blood pressure hoti mariz ko liq trinitrine ki aik boond din mein 2 -3 bar kan mein dalain agar khoon ka pressure low  hota vitincture dejiteles kay 3 qatray  aur hydrobromic acid halka 20 qatray mila kar dain.

Mariz ko qabz na honay dain aurton ko extract thyroid khanay kodain  aur Vitamin A ka istemal karain is kay liye rovgon ki aik tikiya roz khani cahiye aik tikiya ki din mein tin khurak karni chahiye.
Tinitis In Urdu

Tinitis In Urdu  

Tinitus In Pakistan And India
Here you will find about Tinitus news and statistics of Pakistan and India.

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